What's So Special About Polished Concrete Floors?

Nicely might you ask. Certainly concrete is simply that strong gray stuff that folks use for driveways, highway surfaces on industrial estates, warehouse flooring the place there are fork elevate vehicles working about all day, manufacturing unit flooring in engineering works, complete buildings, and extra, as a result of it is sturdy and stands as much as a whole lot of put on and tear? Is not it? And likewise, it appears to be like gray and horrible, would not it? Nicely, to reply your questions, sure it’s, and sure it does. It does stand as much as rather a lot put on and tear which is why it’s used rather a lot, and it additionally appears to be like fairly dismal. The way it appears to be like isn’t why folks use it: it’s the way it performs that’s vital – and it could possibly take a whole lot of punishment. So we’ve got put up with the truth that it simply appears to be like drab as a result of that is the best way it’s. Thoughts you, that isn’t to say it’s excellent. It’s porous and for those who spill one thing on it you’ll get a stain. It could possibly additionally undergo from rain harm, impression harm, and much more. However general, in contrast with different merchandise, it holds up pretty effectively. You may even drive tanks over it, so folks strolling on it or lorries driving over it is not going to do a whole lot of harm. So what’s it made from? That is simple. It’s composed of simply three issues: rock, sand, or gravel; cement; and water. Could not be simpler actually, might it? Combine ’em up and you’ve got concrete. So if it’s so hardy and may take a whole lot of stick, why is not it used extra in locations like airports the place you might have fixed foot site visitors, railway stations (ditto), procuring malls, resort receptions, libraries, (all ditto), and many different locations like that? Nicely, it hasn’t been as a result of it appears to be like so terrible. Let’s face it, would you desire a concrete ground in your lounge or kitchen? Do not even hassle to reply. Nonetheless, here is one thing that you simply did not know. Concrete is getting used increasingly more in locations like these as a result of it could possibly really be polished! And that even goes for folks’s properties as effectively. Architects are designing properties and specifying polished concrete for the flooring. A specialist concrete sprucing firm can carry concrete as much as such a shine that it displays gentle like a mirror! Actually? Yep. It should mirror gentle like marble or granite, but it’s higher than each of these in quite a few methods. And you’ll have it colored too. Colored? Sure, you’ll be able to have concrete colored in just about any shade that you simply want. And it may be polished to a variety of various finishes so you’ll be able to have it as shiny, or in any other case, as you want. Not solely that, you’ll be able to have patterns lower into it as effectively if you wish to. It may also be floor down so that you simply get the impact of stones or different aggregates in it making a random sample. Are you starting to see the advantages of polished concrete right here? Sure, Anything? Oh sure. When you have a warehouse the place there are fork lifts and cherry pickers working about and you’ve got a plain concrete ground you’ll get tyre marks on it – clearly – and they’re troublesome to wash. When you have the concrete ground polished by a concrete sprucing firm, that does not occur. What’s extra, as a result of there’s far much less friction on a elegant concrete ground you may discover that the tyres do not put on as quick so that you lower your expenses on the replacements. The truth is, a elegant concrete ground requires nearly no upkeep in any respect. All you want is a humid mop over it on occasion. What’s extra, it would not take in spills. Drop some paint or purple wine on many flooring and you’ve got a stain. If it is carpet or wooden you might have an actual drawback. If it is polished concrete you merely wipe it off with a rag. Oh, and yet another factor: it lasts for ages. Most sorts of flooring have a shelf lifetime of maybe 10 – 20 years. Polished concrete will final for at the least 60 years, and perhaps much more. Satisfied?