Kickstart a Winning Direct Mail Campaign

Who should be your target audience? Before you start printing your direct mail, you need to decide who will be the recipient of those letters. Instead of hitting every home in an area, mail to people who fit a certain profile. According to Joy Gendusa, CEO of PostcardMania, “You have to get the idea that ‘marketing is persuasion’ out of your head. […]

Tips For Selling a Home in the Winter

It is no secret that the winter season can be a challenging time to sell a home. With heavy snow on the ground, the curb appeal to many homes is hidden. Let’s not forget that the cold weather has a knack for deterring potential buyers from coming out to see your home. If you’re worried about your home’s ability to […]

Is My Sump Pump Broken

It’s a homeowner’s nightmare, you come home after a relaxing vacation to find out that your sump pump quit on you, leaving you with a lovely welcome home present, a wet basement. Unless a basement is professionally constructed with external french drains and thorough waterproofing, it’s bound to leak to an extent. This problem is especially prevalent in older homes […]

Making Home Buying Easy for Millennials

You all have remembered the time when people used to think that millennials can never buy their own houses with the income earned from fair means. On the contrary, this is not the case nowadays. Every one of us loves to see the millennials buying the homes of their dreams. Yang Huiyan loves to see the younger generation of her […]

8 Benefits of Owning a Mother-in-Law Suite

Ben Franklin famously remarked that house guests are similar to fish—they start to stink after three days. If you’ve ever had house guests, you know how stressful it can be sometimes. What if you love having friends and family over, but you also love your independence? The answer is simple—build a mother-in-law suite for your home. This is a self-contained […]